Chakra Healing

Chakra Healing

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Should be seen as an invitation to relax, to let go of control and the urge to achieve, and to surrender to this unique energy massage in which you will learn to appreciate and enjoy the touch with several of your senses
– through touch, sound, smell and erotic energy.
With hands that intuitively move over your body you will be able to open up and feel touched at several deep levels. It is a warm and sensual experience with light strokes that will make you feel like floating on clouds. Aromatic oils, candles and soothing music promote the process.

An essential part of the body’s psychic energy moves through the energy centers, called chakras. Our 7 chakras are therefore very important for our development and for the psyche in general. If a chakra is out of balance, is too open or closed or just does not evolve, it is reflected in a corresponding imbalance in the mind. Developing and balancing your chakras is therefore crucial for our ability to live our lives to our full potential.

The aim in Chakra Healing Massage is on increasing the sensitivity of the skin throughout the body, to slowly awakeing your life energy (the erotic energy) without touching the genitals, and then with the help of simultaneous breathing and touch move the energies upward through the chakras to activate and balance them.
An important aspect is to open the heart chakra, and to connect the heart and the genitalia, so that when you move the erotic energies with your breath you can feel the energy circulate throughout the body. Many say it feels like champagne bubbles.

During the massage you might be surprised at discovering new erogenous zones, and how incredibly healing erotic energy is on your skin and nerves, as well as muscles and joints. It actually helps to rejuvenate the cells in your whole body, and to keep you young!
It is also common to experience a reconnection with your own true self, the soul, and the release of emotional blockages.
The best effect is achieved when there is a masculine-feminine polarity between giver and recipient.

Chakra Healing Massage Couple    50 min   Book now    80 min   Book now    110 min   Book now
Provides an unique opportunity to appreciate and enjoy the touch with several of the senses – through touch, sound, smell and erotic energy – together with your partner.

In the same room you will have the sensitivity of your skin increased, discover new erogenous zones and learn to move the erotic energy throughout the body with the help of touch and your breath.
Your hearts will be opened and human qualities like receiving and giving love, generosity, humbleness and empathy will be activated. This experience will reinforce your relationship and help you to get a new perspective on how to make love without having sex.
To hear your partner make sounds of pleasure will promote the process.

NOTE! Remember to book into two masseurs for the selected time. One price for both.



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